APRIL 13, 2024

Your Guide to Buying Land in Zambia as a Foreign Investor: Why Choose Roma Park Commercial MFEZ

Are you considering investing in land in Zambia? Understanding the process and finding the right location are crucial steps towards a successful investment. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps of buying land in Zambia as an international investor and highlight why Roma Park Commercial Multi Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ) is the perfect choice for your investment.

How to Buy Land in Zambia as a Foreign Investor

1. Understand the Laws and Regulations

Zambia allows both Zambian and non-Zambian individuals or entities to own land in the country. The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources oversees land issues in Zambia. As a foreigner, it's important to familiarise yourself with the relevant laws and regulations governing land ownership.

2. Identify Suitable Locations

Once you understand the legal framework, the next step is to identify suitable locations for your investment and Roma Park Commercial MFEZ stands out as an ideal location for commercial and industrial investments.

3. Work with a Reliable Real Estate Partner

Navigating the real estate market in a foreign country can be complex. Working with a reputable real estate partner can streamline the process and ensure a smooth transaction. Roma Park MFEZ provides expert guidance and support to foreign investors, making it easier to acquire land and start your venture.

4. Complete the Purchase Process

After identifying the land and securing the necessary approvals, you can proceed with the purchase process. This typically involves legal documentation, payment of fees, and registration of the land title. Roma Park offers comprehensive support throughout this process, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

Why You Should Choose Roma Park Commercial MFEZ

1. Strategic Location

Roma Park Commercial MFEZ is strategically located in Lusaka, Zambia's capital city. Its proximity to major transport routes, including the Great North Road and Lusaka International Airport, makes it easily accessible for over 80,000 business operations and logistics.

2. MFEZ Incentives

As one of 3 MFEZ in Lusaka, Roma Park offers attractive tax incentives within its Multi-Functional Economic Zone (MFEZ) and Industrial Park, including a tax exemption of 0% for a decade on export-related profits from the project's inception. Additionally, dividends declared on such profits enjoy a 0% tax rate for the same period. These incentives extend to companies operating within the MFEZs and Industrial Parks for 10 years, after which taxation on export profits gradually increases, ensuring a favourable environment for business growth. Furthermore, Roma Park has reduced the threshold for Zambian citizens to qualify for incentives under the ZDA Act to USD 50,000, encouraging local participation and investment.

3. Business-Friendly Policies

Roma Park Commercial MFEZ operates under business-friendly policies that promote investment and economic growth. With streamlined processes and support for foreign investors, it offers a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

4. Investment Opportunities

The MFEZ offers a range of investment opportunities, including commercial, industrial, and residential developments. Whether you're looking to establish a manufacturing plant, office space, or retail outlet, Roma Park Commercial MFEZ provides the ideal platform for your investment goals.

5. Professional Support

Roma Park Commercial MFEZ provides professional support to investors throughout the investment lifecycle. From land acquisition to project implementation, their team offers expertise and guidance to ensure a successful investment experience.

The Memorandum of Understanding and Foreign Trade

Additionally, Zambia's recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Lobito corridor heralds a new era of opportunities for foreign trade and investment. The Lobito corridor, a strategic transportation route linking Zambia to the Angolan port of Lobito, opens up avenues for enhanced connectivity and trade diversification.

By leveraging the Lobito corridor, businesses operating within Roma Park Commercial MFEZ can access international markets more efficiently, reducing transportation costs and expanding their reach across borders. This development not only enhances Zambia's position as a regional trade hub but also strengthens its ties with neighbouring countries, fostering economic integration and mutual prosperity.


In conclusion, buying land in Zambia presents immense opportunities for foreign investors seeking a dynamic and progressive business environment. Roma Park Commercial MFEZ, with its strategic advantages and commitment to excellence, emerges as a compelling choice for those looking to capitalise on Zambia's economic potential.

With the signing of the MoU for the Lobito corridor, Zambia is poised for accelerated growth in foreign trade and investment, positioning Roma Park and its stakeholders at the forefront of regional development and prosperity. As the business landscape continues to evolve, investing in Zambia and Roma Park offers a pathway to success in Africa's burgeoning markets.

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